Back in 1974, initiates the first ecuadorian aviation company specialized in providing personalized ground handling service to users of private, corporate, cargo aircrafts and air ambulances, which do not operate with permanent itineraries and use ecuadorian airports eventually either for tech stops or landings that needed a FBO.

At that time, private aviation operations had a very reduced volume. Yet, our founder Angel Neira Aguilar felt the need of meeting all legal requirements and procedures determined by the aviation competent authorities. For this reason, from the beginning, JetHandling Ecuador has proudly met all aviation norms and regulations required by the Ecuadorian “Civil Aviation Authority” (DGAC). Nowadays, we are the first Handler officially certified by Ecuadorian DGAC to provide ground handling services in the main Ecuadorian airports including the Galapagos Islands on airports like Baltra, San Cristobal and even Isabela!!! providing a FBO at every airport in Ecuador.

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Jethandling, for more than 40 years has been considered as the main FBO in Ecuador including the Galapagos Islands, we maintain a strict protocol in compliance with the legislation issued by the Aeronautical Authority of Ecuador, which has allowed us to complete all our operations successfully and with the standards that private aviation requires.


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