Complementary Services

In the year 1974, initiates the first ecuadorian company specialized in providing personalized ground handling service to users of private, corporate, cargo aircrafts and air ambulances, which do not operate with permanent itineraries and use ecuadorian airports eventually either for tech stops or landings.

  • Ecuador landing permits & Overflight permits
  • Security
  • Anti-drug
  • Catering
  • Transportation
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Disinfection

Ecuador landing permits & Overflight permits

JetHandling Ecuador is capable to obtain overflight and landing permits. Please ask our programming department for further details and requirements.


At FBO Jethandling we understand the importance of an additional security for your aircraft. We work with the most reliable security companies, so you can be with no worries while your aircraft is on ground.


Based on international agreements focused on drug prevention, a special team has to check aircraft before departure from Ecuador.


Anti-drug procedures before departing from Ecuador

Based on international agreements focused on drug prevention, a special team has to check aircraft before departure from Ecuador. As your FBO for Ecuador and the Galapagos islands, we had done all our efforts, so the team that go up to your aircraft do the process as smooth as possible

Despite the 5 minute process, please consider that anti-drug police officers, will go up with a canine “K9” officer also. Some pictures or videos might be taken in order to have records about the inspection done to the aircraft.


We can coordinate any kind of transportation. Crew transfers, Luxury transportation for passengers, etc.


JetHandling Ecuador is capable of coordinating VIP catering service for all of our clients. Ask our programming department for further details.

Hotel Reservations

We can assist you with hotel booking anywhere in Ecuador! Please ask our programming department for Jethandling Ecuador preferential rates.


At FBO Jethandling we work under the highest quality standards. Environmental disinfection process to get into the Galapagos Islands and disinfection process in order to arrive to Chile are an example of our services.


Agriculture and Fumigation Services

As your FBO in Ecuador and the Galapagos, we would like to explain disinfection process that needs to be done before aircraft’s departure to the Galapagos National Park:

For you operation please consider that International and Ecuadorian agreements on environmental conservation demands a mandatory disinfection process in order to comply with preventive policies as Galapagos is a World Environmental Heritage by UNESCO.

For this purpose an official Department has been created, called ABG (Agencia de Bioseguridad, Control y Cuarentena para Galápagos, Galapagos Biosecurity, Control and Quarantine Agency); only available at SEGU and SEQM airports. Service has to be coordinated by JetHandling as your handler.

ABG is the Company in charge to use the proper product for disinfection (Piretrina 0,2%), to comply all disinfection processes to provide the official certificate that allows an aircraft to arrive into the island airport of SEGS or SEST.

In order to complete this procedure all items must be deplaned. The 02 hour process consists on spraying all fuselage, cabin and cargo areas. Aircraft must remain closed for this period of time in order to be a sterile area. Afterwards doors will be opened and ready for passengers to get on board to continue with your operation in Ecuador.

According to ABG’s Administrative Department, it´s personnel have a schedule that goes from:


1000 UCT – 2300 UTC Monday to Friday
1000 UTC – 2100 UTC Weekends and Holidays


1100 UTC – 0000 UTC Monday to Friday
1100 UTC – 2300 UTC Saturdays
1100 UTC – 1930 UTC Sundays or Holidays

Disinfection prior departure to Chile

Due to Ecuador’s geographical position many aircrafts with destination to Chilean airports are assisted by JetHandling at Ecuadorian airports during their technical stops or operations that continue to Chile. Although it is a simple 5-minute process, our alerts have been useful on the disinfection process that all aircrafts need to do before departure to Chile to obtain the official certificate we provide for their control in Chilean territory.