Our Company

In the year 1974, initiates the first ecuadorian aviation company specialized in providing personalized ground handling service to users of private, corporate, cargo aircrafts and air ambulances, which do not operate with permanent itineraries and use ecuadorian airports eventually either for tech stops or landings that needed a FBO.

At that time, private aviation operations had a very reduced volume. Yet, our founder Angel Neira Aguilar felt the need of meeting all legal requirements and procedures determined by the aviation competent authorities. For this reason, from the beginning, JetHandling Ecuador has proudly met all aviation norms and regulations required by the Ecuadorian “Civil Aviation Authority” (DGAC).Nowadays, we are the first Handler officially certified by Ecuadorian DGAC to provide ground handling services in the main Ecuadorian airports including the Galapagos Islands on airports like Baltra, San Cristobal and even Isabela!!! providing a FBO at every airport in Ecuador.

In present days, under the direction of Mr. Javier Neira Ippolito, we count with strong and long-lasting relationships with worldwide leaders in the private and general aviation industry. Who use and recommend our FBO – Handling, offer with security and certainty, to their selected users that: they are going to receive the result of over 40 years of the best effort and commitment to meet all their expectations of a FBO – Handling VIP service, based in quality.

To achieve our Company quality objectives, all our collaborators are constantly evaluated and trained with the lattest techniques and top knowledge of the FBO – Handling services tendencies. Always focused in offering an outstanding service according to the highest aviation standards. Moreover, we are convinced that flexibility is the most important and unvaluable resource that private aviation users look for. That´s why we use different VIP lounges at the main Ecuadorian airports and where this option is not available we had created our own VIP lounges equipped with the latest technology, providing the best FBO – Handling services according to your needs and station conditions, especially at the Galapagos airports Baltra and San Cristobal, where the environmental conservation is a priority.

Our 40 years of experience in Ecuador airports and more than 20 years at the Galapagos Islands, have allowed us to obtain a substantial experience to be able to react fast and efficiently to any inconvenience that could arise at any airport of Ecuador. Reason why we are distinguished as the FBO of the Ecuador and the Galapagos.

We had been recognized on 2016 by UAS as HANDLER OF THE YEAR and by the Quito Chamber of Commerce for more than 25 years of excellence at the aviation industry.